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Argentina Tango Tours, Vacation Package

Welcome to Becka Tango Tours! Through the enlightening experience at the elegant Becka Tango House, you will see that tango is more than just a dance; it's a wonderful world of enchanting culture and sizzling romance. Throughout this wonderful tour, you will learn to dance the tango, meet interesting people, see new places, and have wonderful nights out dining and dancing in beautiful Buenos Aires. Take a tour of one of Argentina’s many spectacular sights such as the majestic Iguazu Falls, Mendoza—the Tuscony of Argentina, Bariloche—famous for its landscapes and lakes, or the glaciers of Perito Moreno and El Calafate. Get acquainted with the country’s colorful and lively culture of dance, romance, and famous tango music! The perfect tour for those looking for an exciting alternative to the standard Buenos Aires vacations. Your tour leader Becka, will be your gracious host throughout the course of your tango Argentine tour in Buenos Aires.

Becka Tango Tours (BTT) package includes:
  • Lodging at Becka Tango House(BTH), where you will feel the elegance of yesterdays, and the comfort of today, along with the never-ending smile and hospitality of Becka and her staff Every Day
  • Three days (two nights) tour to one of the following magnificent sites of your choice: Iguazu Falls (Strongly recommended), the Bariloche mountains and lakes, Mendoza (the Tuscany of Argentina), or the majestic Glaciers at Perito Moreno (Have your camera to take some awesome pictures!) Days 4 to 6
  • Daily one hour tango dance lessons at the premises (BTH) by professional Argentine instructors/performers (For an extra charge, you can practice with a dance partner on your daily classes. Please request in advance.) Every Day
  • Transportation from airport to BTH/ Day 1
  • A welcome reception upon your arrival (If you arrive in the morning) Day 1
  • Daily continental breakfast / Every Day
  • Nightly dancing at some of the greatest Milongas, Becka's favorite past time! (for those attending the tour alone, a tango dance partner will be provided for two nights at the milongas) Every night when in Buenos Aires
  • One day tour to peaceful and tranquil Colonia, in Uruguay with express boat for a relaxing day of nature. You will enjoy the beautiful scenery and calmness of the see, plus the authentic restaurants or one day tour to Don Silvano's Ranch to experience the life style of the Gouchos (Argentine cowboys). You will enjoy a great authentic asado (BBQ), horse-back riding, watch great folklore & tango dancing, and finally take part in the exciting Goucho horse riding show at the end! (Take your choice!) Day 8
  • Half a day tour of the city of Buenos Aires—including visiting The San Telmo neighborhood (The charming Old Town), the colorful La Boca neighborhood & Caminito street (birth place of Tango), & finally Recoleta shopping center & the famous Recoleta cemetery where Eva Peron is put to rest (Don’t cry for me Argentina...) Day 3
  • A walking tour of our neighborhood, and plaza de Mayo (where the grand cathedral and the pink Presidential house are located), and visiting the famous Café Tortoni for some delicious, & authentic café con crema! Day 1
  • Farewell first class dinner & tango show at one of the most famous venues, where you will witness the best of the Argentinean culture of Tango, Gaucho shows and singing, and you will be served a three course exquisite dinner. Yummy! Day 9
Important information to remember:
  • This Tango Tour package does not include the airfare.
  • US citizens do not need a visa; however, non-US citizens will require a visa to enter Argentina. If you travel from other countries, please check with your embassy to find out if you will need a visa to enter Argentina.
  • To visit the Iguazu falls from the Brazilian side, US citizens need to have a visa from Brazil. Please apply for it a few weeks in advance.
  • The remaining half of your balance needs to be paid in cash, on the first day of your arrival to BTT.
  • Many BTT visitors like to come in earlier than the package date or leave longer than the package allows. For those customers, rooms with breakfast are offered for a special price of $60.00 per extra night/per person, or $100.00 per couple. Please make arrangement to reserve your rooms in advance.
  • The entrance fees to the milongas, and the taxi costs, are not included in the tour.
  • The common areas in BTH, (not bedrooms) will be cleaned and organized daily.
  • The non-common areas (bedrooms) will be cleaned twice during your stay. The bed sheets, and towels, will be changed on these two occasions.
Optional Services offered by Becka Tango Tours:
  • One day excursión to El Tigre River (Rio de la Plata)
  • 2-3 day tours to many of Argentina's beautiful provinces such as Ushuaia, Porto Madryn, and Salta (not included in the package)
  • Private tango lessons by some of the best instructors at the premises
  • Hot air balloon rides for one hour and half over the Argentine pampas
  • Skydiving and Tandem Jump parachuting. Video and picture included!
  • Tandem Paragliding and hang gliding (you can video your own flight!)
  • Football/Soccer Tours (seasonal)
  • One day tour of the most important museums of Buenos Aires (four museums)
  • Please be advised that the price of your tour will change upon taking any of these optional services
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  • $2600 USD Based on Double Occupancy
  • $3000 USD Based on Single Occupancy