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Buenos Aires City Tour, Tango Lessons

Day 1, Saturday Pickup VanYou will be picked up from the airport and transferred to Becka Tango House (BTH). A welcome reception will be held with champagne and hors d'oeuvres so you will get a chance to get acquainted with everyone. After a bit of rest, we will take a walking tour of our neighborhood, and get acquainted with this never sleeping city and its people. Since your night is free, you can go to dinner with the other tour members, or simply rest! If you wish, much later at night, you can accompany Becka to one of the tango clubs. It will be optional.

Day 2, Sunday Evita Peron

Today is the best day for a half day city tour. But before that, you will have Becka's special breakfast served from 8:30 to 10:00am. At 11:00am, you will take your first Argentine tango lessons and experience the beauty, mystery, and difficulty of this marvelous dance. Wear comfortable shoes for today.
After your lesson ends, your tour guide will pick you up at 2:00pm to take you for a fantastic tour. In these 4 hours, you will go to almost all the interesting places of this city such as the colorful neighborhood of La Boca, where tango was born by the immigrants who settled there, as well as the ritzy neighborhood of Recoleta where you will visit the tomb of the most famous lady of Argentina, Evita Peron. You will visit the grand Cathedral before going to San Telmo neighborhood, where you will stay for the rest of the afternoon. Here you can hop around the beautiful antique shops, as well as enjoying the open air tango shows. It is the best place to spend your afternoon/evening on a Sunday! The night is open for your own plans. Becka will be glad to give you suggestions.
La BocaPlaza de Mayo

Day 3, Monday Today is a leisure day for the most part. After breakfast from 8:30 to 10:00am, you will take your tango lesson from 11:00 to 12:30, and after that you are free to do as you please. Just remember to be dressed to kill at around 9:30 pm, since you will visit your first tango club (milonga) tonight. There will be a tango partner for each one of you. This will be a chance to get acquainted with the mysterious culture of tango in person, and learn the magic of tango. Get ready to dance with people you don't know too! You will have lots of fun, I promise!

Day 4, Tuesday ColoniaToday you will be up and ready at 6:00am, since breakfast will be served from 6:00am to 7:00am. By 7:30am you need to be on your way to the boat station to take a relaxing boat tour to the colonial and tranquil city of Colonia in Uruguay. There are many beautiful outdoor restaurants at the Ocean side for your enjoyment. Make the best of it and rest! You will be back by 7:00pm. At around 10:00pm, we will go for another dance at the milongas of Buenos Aires. Your tango partners will be there to dance with you, but be ready to accept invitations of others, or invite others to dance! It is a challenge.

Day 5, Wednesday Mendoza Today you will have breakfast from 8:30am to 10:00am and get ready by 10:30am to dive to the national airport and fly to your desired destination. Your 3 day/2 night tour choices include on of these destinations:
  1. The magnificent falls of the Iguazu national park at the north tip of Argentina, bordering Brazil (strongly recommended by Becka).
  2. The picturesque city of Bariloche, famous for its heavenly scenery and ski slopes.
  3. The beautiful city of Mendoza, the Tuscany of Argentina, famous for wine tasting.
  4. Patagonia's majestic glaciers of Perito Moreno, at the southern tip of Argentina.
Iguazu Falls

Day 6, Thursday Perito MorenoToday, you will take an all day tour of the city you chose to visit the previous day. Please ask Becka for the details.

Day 7, Friday Teatro ColonYou will have breakfast at the hotel of your chosen destination and then be taken to the airport to fly back to BTH. The rest of the day and night will be a leisure time and your last chances to shop for tango shoes and authentic leather goods! Becka will be tangoing late at night, you are most welcome to join her and dance your … off! It is optional.

Day 8, Saturday Tango Dinner ShowTango Dinner ShowWelcome to BTH again! Breakfast is served from 8:30am to 10:00am. Your tango instructors will be ready to work with you at 11:00am. Since it is your last day with them, we will sit for a nice tea time after your class. You will be at leisure for the rest of the afternoon. Just remember that tonight is our last official night together, and you need to be ready to be picked up at 7:00 pm. it is time for you to witness the great finale: an exquisite tango dinner show at the famous La Ventana! Get ready for a great and elegant tango show while you enjoy a spectacular 3 course dinner.
If you want to take advantage of your last night in Buenos Aires, you can go dancing after the show at around midnight! It is totally optional! It's for Tango fanatics like me!

Day 9, Sunday

Today is your last day with Becka Tango Tours. We will have our last breakfast together at the same time. After the breakfast, I will serve you Armenian coffee and ask you for one last thing—for each one of you to fill out a questioner about the Becka Tango Tours experience. You may fill it out by hand or on computer. This is to help Becka know the strong points as well as the weak points of the tour. The rest of the afternoon you are free to do your last minute shopping or just relax at home. Becka will be home to call for taxi at your chosen time. It is suggested to be at the airport 3 hours in advance.
Farewell dear new friends!!! Please visit us again!
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