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Is this tour for everyone?
Yes, every one can enjoy this tour. Even though this is an exclusive Tango tour, you are not obligated to take the daily Tango instructions. Becka will be glad to assist you in taking different city tours, going to the ritzy shopping malls, or visiting the museums and more.
What makes Becka Tango Tours (BTT) so special?
BTT offers a variety of experiences in a very special setting. You are not confined to one room, as you would be in a hotel. You live in a grand residence with more than 12 rooms. All of our guests are part of a family for the duration of their dance holidays
Will the Tango instructors teach private lessons?
Yes they will. You can get private lessons in the grand living room at Becka Tango House (BTH).
Can I come by myself? Will there be tango taxi dancers to hire?
Yes, you can come all by yourself. It is not necessary to have a partner. You can hire a Taxi dancers for the nightly milongas. Their cost may run between $250 to 400 for the duration of your trip. Hiring a tango taxi dancer for 1 or 2 nights in the week should be enough for the Portenos and Portenas ( Native Buenos Aires dancers) to see if you know how to dance or not! That usually does the trick. BTT is not responsible for these expenses. Tipping is recommended.
Is Buenos Aires a secure City?
Like any other large city in the world, Buenos Aires has its good and bad sections. Becka will accompany you to all the sites listed in BTT program but for all the other occasions Becka suggests using the telephone taxis.
Becka Tango Tours will provide bus transportation from the airport and to the tour sites ( Sam Telmo, La Boca, Recoleta). For the nightly milongas, since some of us choose to go later and some choose to stay longer at the milongas, we take taxis and at times, we share the costs. Transportation to the airport is the responsibility of the travelers.
How is the weather in Buenos Aires?
The seasons in Buenos Aires are opposite those in Europe & the US. In the fall and winter (April to September) Buenos Aires may get as cold as 32 or 36 Fahr. In the Spring and Summer (October to March) it is very nice with temperatures of 68 - 77 Fahr.
How is the weather in Buenos Aires?
The seasons in Buenos Aires are opposite those in Europe & the US. In the fall and winter (April to September) Buenos Aires may get as cold as 32 or 36 Fahr. In the Spring and Summer (October to March) it is very nice with temperatures of 68 - 77 Fahr.
**Becka Tango House is equipped with air conditioning and heating throughout the whole house.
If I decide to stay longer than the tour period, what sites would you say I should visit extensively? And which milongas to go to?
The city is alive and dirty. That by itself is interesting. But for sites not to miss, my suggestions are as follow:

La Boca is the poor neighborhood and is the most colorful part of the city. You will enjoy it a lot as long as you are careful to stay in the busy streets like Caminito Street which is where tango was born! Usually there are beautiful art works sold in that street. Do not wonder in the not so busy and quiet areas in there. There are very large and nice souvenir shops and some of those old hoses where many immigrants stayed and lived in. They are now museums and are really interesting to visit.

The second place I would say not to miss would be the Colon Theater. Take a taxi or walk there and check to see what programs they have. You will enjoy experiencing a concert in that magnificent salon tremendously. If you have time, take a tour of the theater as well. It will be a time well spent.

Third place is San Telmo. You need to go there either on a Saturday or a Sunday. Any taxi driver knows where is San Telmo. You will have fun just looking and knowing the culture. If you are in antiques, look at the stuff they have, but do not go crazy. You can find almost the same things in less popular antique stores around town, and for half the price. But they are worth evaluating. The whole Plaza Dorrego is fun to be in. They do Tango shows under the trees for you and you can eat and have fun there. There are milongas in that area too but I have not been to them often.

Forth place is the Cathedral on Mayo avenue. It is a grand church and worth checking as well. It is close to the pink house and if you walk on that street towards BTH, you should certainly have a coffee in Cafe Tortoni. It is a 100 year old cafe and restored the way it was decorated with tiffany lamps. It is very interesting to see.

Another fun thing that many do is to go to an Estancias a bit out side of the city. This is where gauchos do horseback riding tricks and you have BBQ and you spend the whole day with a group of people. It is very relaxing a fun.

Another suggestion is to take a walk on Puerto Madero. It's the famous port in BA and is a nice area with a lot of good restaurants.

Becka will take you to La Ventana dinner and tango show, as a part of the package you have. It is known to be the best one in town now! But there are others as well. There is Cafe de Los Angelitos which is one block away from my place on Rivadavia. They have a very elegant show and dinner. Their style is something between salon and milonguero. If you are into Las Vegas style of shows, don’t miss Senor Tango. You will be amazed at the extent of work they go through to make that show a hit. It is a bit flashy, but many like it.

If you are into shopping, Recloleta area and shopping center will be a fun place to spend a whole day. Right near Recoleta, you can check the museum of Fine Arts. I strongly suggest you check it. I loved it.

The other shopping places are Abasto and Galeria Pacifico malls and shops in Palermo, San Martin square , the Florida street, and Corientes street as well. Alvear Street is the Beverly Hills of BA and is a beautiful place. The Alvear hotel is one of the oldest and most magnificent buildings in town. Having some coffee at the coffee shop there is suggested. As the prices on the Rodeo drive, things are a bit expensive, but fun to watch and if you have the money, to shop!

Restaurants...the whole city is a collection of them. There are many nice ones. But do not miss Cafe Tortoni and the Armenian Restaurant on the Armenia Street. You will have a blast there.
Electricity – do I take a transformer and/or adapter for my hair dryer, etc? Is there a hairdryer in the house I may use? Do you have an iron and table for ironing?
There are hair dryers and dressers in each room for the occupants of that room, so you do not need to bring your own unless you are picky as I am. In that case, you need a transformer with you. If you have other stuff like cameras and phones, you may need one too. I have one which is connected to the lap top in the house. So, maybe if you take one, it would be a good idea.

There is an iron and an ironing table as well. It is located in the big kitchen.
What are the house rules?
  1. If you find something does not work call my managers. Do not try to fix it yourself. If you call them, they will know what to do to fix it.
  2. No smoking is allowed inside BTH under any circumstances. Most Argentineans are smokers. All the smoking visitors and tour members are allowed to smoke ONLY in the court yard. In that way, they take the heat and the cold and the smoke on their own and not to impose it to others in the house.
  3. You can have visitors, but please be picky to choose the people you want to invite to BTH. The bottom line is that even though most people are well off and very nice, a lot of people still suffer with lack of money and even place and seeing the glitter on the walls at BTH, they may think there is money to be found there too. You don’t want to invite trouble in.
  4. Luck the main door at all times and do not open the door until you ask quien es or who is it? and if you know them, open the small window on the door and make sure and then let them in. If you do not know them do not even bother opening the window or the door. Ignore them. If you have not invited anyone, do not bother even checking from the balcony. The gate should be closed at all times, but at times it is not, and vendors come in to sell their goods. Do not take chances. Lock the door at night and when you leave the house for sure.
  5. Lock your own rooms’ door if you are leaving the room. Becka or any of the residents will not be responsible for any loss that may occur to you. So please be careful not to leave your belonging unattended.
  6. Please note: There is one door bell outside of the gate on the right and that is mine. No one else has a door bell. So, you will get a lot of people ringing, look from the balcony and see if you know them and let them in. Other wise, ignore them. Usually, all BTT members or BTH residents make appointments by phone and wait for visitors to come in.
  7. When taking showers, be careful not to slip. The European styles of showers are a bit funny. The construction of new showers is in the progress.
  8. Important: Please do not use the hand and body towels on the floor !!! Use the ones that are specifically for the floor. They have a different look to them and you will know.
  9. Even though all the plumbing of BTH is all new, BTH is one floor of a 100 year old building! It is strongly recommended that the BTH residents do not throw toilet paper or any thing else in the toilet. Please use the trash cans located in each toilet. It will save a lot of head ache!
  10. The neighbors handle loud music on the weekends only. Otherwise they nag at you till you turn it down. So please respect the civilian's (non tango people’s) sleeping habits.
If I get sick, whom/where do I call? Where's the nearest hospital/doctor?
I have not had to deal with this problem yet. But there is an emergency health clinic right on B. Mitre a few doors above BTH. I have been told hat it is a trustable place.
Do you know of any internet cafes in the city where I can check my email?
There is wireless connection in BTH and you can use your own lap top or the general lap top for BTH residents. But in case it did not function, there are many internet places called locutorios. They are very cheap and you can check your emails, and even make your calls from there.
Can I make long distance calls with BTH phone?
No. The phone at BTH is for receiving calls only. To make calls you need to buy phone cards suited for long distance calls. For 10 pesos, you can talk for 5 hours. I wish we had deals like that back home!
Is there a trustable dentist down there in case I have some dental issues?
The name and the phone number of a Dentist friend is with Becka at BTH. If you have a problem, let Becka know and she will lead you to the right place.
Can I cook in the kitchen?
Yes you can if it is not a big production. There are necessary kitchen stuff in the big kitchen. Just make sure to keep the door closed and the window open while cooking.
What do people wear at the milongas? Fancy or casual?
At the milongas people are more on the formal side. Women are dressy and fancy and men usually wear suits or simple shirts and pants. The younger generation at the Nuevo milongas does not wear suits, but they look nice. The old fashioned Milongas have the same rule. Dress to kill!
As for the airline companies, are there weight restrictions for luggage of which I should be aware of?
With most airlines the luggage should not to be more than 50 ponds each. The best thing would be to call them and ask, or check their web site.
Names of tango schools where I might take group classes after BTT is over? How about names of tango teachers you would recommend for private lessons?
For group lessons, DNI is one of the best schools I know of. The teachers are very nice and dependable as well. I strongly recommend them.

For private lessons I would strongly suggest my tango teachers whom I use for my tours. They are dependable, trustable and very friendly and caring. You can find their information and numbers on my web site at
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